How Small Businesses can Budget for SEO in 2024

How Businesses can Budget for SEO in 2024

“It’s going to take at least 12 months to see results”.  “We have acquired 2 new backlinks in the last 2 months”. Run. If you hear these words from your SEO agency. The reason I say this is because any agency with the right tools and expertise should be able to rank your business and […]

SEO For Law Firms: Case Study + Guide

This blog of SEO for law firms was born out of a case study done based on the SEO performance of a law firm based in Edmonton, Canada. I’ve divided the blog into two parts:   A case study showing how law firms can benefit out of SEO How You can implement these priniciples This […]

2023 Local SEO Checklist

Hey there! If you’re looking to work on your business’s local SEO in 2023 or a marketer searching for the latest trends, you’ve come to right place. Local SEO sounds simple and is easy to understand. But is usually complicated and difficult to implement the right way. That’s why we have written this blog – […]