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Helping local businesses generate leads online.

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We are an agency based in Edmonton, Canada that primarily works with local B2B and B2C businesses.

All of our clients enjoy at least 3X-4X ROI and as a result we have over 98% of our clients stay with us for over 3 years on an average.

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Our Mission & Vision

Let us take care of lead generation while you focus on running your business

Running a business can be hard. You can rely on our tested blueprint to help create a predictable, sustainable lead flow for your healthcare business or law firm.

Our Vision

Make online lead generation accessible to businesses

We believe local businesses deserve a great online presence and a marketing strategy. These businesses have largely relied on word of mouth for leads but things are changing. Here's where we'd like to help.
Our Mission

Build business relationships on value, not dollars

All our clients have been with us for multiple years based on the value system we share. The results we deliver make it a no-brainer for our clients to continue to invest in the relationship.
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Founded in 2021

Thanks for considering us

Hi, I’m Sriram, founder of North Media. I started North Media with the sole objective of helping law firms and healthcare businesses generate quality leads online.

These businesses have always relied of referrals, word of mouth to grow their revenues. We thought it’s time we change that. My journey began with a simple realization: these sectors don’t just sell services; they offer solutions to critical, often life-changing problems. This understanding has been the cornerstone of my approach, allowing me to tailor unique strategies that resonate with the specific needs and challenges of legal and healthcare professionals. 

My approach is holistic, focusing not just on generating leads, but on nurturing them into lasting relationships that drive your business forward.

I look forward to talking to you and helping your business 🙂